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Greetings groovers!  Today sees the release of something special: with the help of some talented friends, we have just released our fundraising cover of "Stoneage Dinosaurs" by the incomparable Cardiacs!


Download HERE and name your price! Further info below!


"Stoneage Dinosaurs" was originally written by Tim Smith of the little known but much adored band Cardiacs. Since 2008, Tim has been living with dystonia, a neurological condition which has effectively trapped his mind in a less-than-responsive body. 

This tragically means that Tim can no longer write or perform music, nor can he lead what many would call a "normal life". However, with the help of some rather expensive treatment, there is hope that Tim's health and quality of life could improve. 

So, with that in mind, you can name your price to download our version of Tim's glorious song, with ALL PROCEEDS (minus Bandcamp's fee) going towards his healthcare bills. Any donation (irrespective of amount) you make will have a direct impact on his quality of life, and we thank you in advance for your support. 

Huge thanks to our friends Martin Archer (Combat AstronomyOrchestra of the Upper AtmosphereDiscus Music), Kathryn & Paul Sparshott (Le Menhir) and lead singer Ellie Shepherd for their marvellous contributions to our cover of this glorious, mind-bending and utterly moving song!

We hope you enjoy the song. 
GT&F xx



Greetings groovers! 


Hoping 2018 is treating you all well so far! Things may appear to have been quiet in the GT camp, but rest assured, we're working on something special at the moment... 


Since our Summer tour ended with our ArcTanGent performance last August, we've been neck-deep in writing our third album! So far, we've got five monster tracks written, and we think they're the best, most exciting tracks we've ever written! 


If things continue to run smoothly, we're looking to record around July of this year, and then the live fun will begin again! That's not to say that we're avoiding the live arena altogether; in December we surfaced to play a fund-raiser for Dan from Cleft, a cause which can still be donated to here


In other news, the wonderful folk over at Inside Out have included us in their 'Instrumental Prog Essentials' playlist, amongst some of the all-time greats! Make sure you check it out! As well as this, our Dave recorded a podcast for Ninehertz, which can be heard here!


That's all from us for the time-being, we're going to get our heads back down and continue writing the new album. Make sure you all keep warm and keep grooving! 


Be seeing you,

GT x



What a summer it's been!


First and foremost, we played at ArcTanGent Festival to an overwhelmingly packed Yohkai stage - it still hasn't sunk in! 


Thanks go to everyone who came to watch and of course to the organisers themselves for asking us to play! It was by far the best experience we've had as a band so far, and we feel truly humbled and honoured to have experienced it. 


Then, in September, the wonderful Steve Lamacq played 'Waveless Shore' on BBC Radio 6 during his show '6 Music Recommends...'. Huge thanks, Steve!


Writing is now well underway for our third album, with five tracks in place so far, plus an album title and theme are now floating in the aether! More will be revealed soon, but for now we'll leave you with a video of the full ArcTanGent performance. Hope you enjoy it! 


Be seeing you,

GT x




Summer has arrived and with it comes a whole bunch of live shows, culminating in what is our most exciting news as a band to date... We are playing at ArcTanGent Festival!


For anyone who knows us as a band, you'll know what playing ArcTanGent means to us, and to be supporting the likes of Converge, Explosions in the Sky, Boris and God is an Astronaut is still a surreal dream to us! 


In the background, work is continuing on our third album, and we're rather excited with what we've got down so far...


So, hopefully be seeing you very soon! 

GT x





2017 has started with a bang for GT - this week we played our second show with our delightful new drummer Bob Brown - and what a show! 


Playing a sold-out show at Sheffield's Corporation with AWOOGA, Ba'al and May The Night Bless You With Heavenly Dreams was an experience we won't soon forget! 


More gigs coming very soon, but in the meantime, we're writing for our third album! 


Be seeing you,

GT x



We are extremely excited to unveil “Twin Peaks” – our BRAND NEW SINGLE and music video! The track is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from our Bandcamp!


Born out of love for the works of Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch, our version of two of the titular show’s classic themes (“Falling” and “Laura Palmer’s Theme”) celebrates the commencement of the 25th year to the day since Laura Palmer uttered the words “I’ll see you again in 25 years…”


Huge thanks to Jake Barrett of Seven Hills Films and Callum Shepherd of Puzzleglass / Fourth City Films for the videography, and to Ferret (from the magnificent Skyligers) for playing the role of “The Girl”.


Whilst this represents our drummer Sam’s final musical contribution to Gilmore Trail, we will be bringing “Twin Peaks” into the live arena very soon!


Be seeing you...

GT x




Good day to you, young groovers!


The months following our February 2016 UK Tour with Fly on Byrd, Fly on may appear to have been quiet for us, but as always we have been up to mischief!


In April, we had the honour of being played on Phoenix FM's Interesting Alternative Show by none other than six-time Snooker World Champion Steve Davis, and his wonderful co-presenter Kavus Torabi of Knifeworld, Cardiacs, Gong et al! Those of you who know us will know just what this means on a personal level. You can hear us sandwiched between the likes of Autechre, British Theatre and Rob Crow here


Meanwhile, we have been working on some VERY exciting things... watch this space closely in the coming weeks!


Be seeing you...

GT x




It has been a truly emotional start to the year.


From 29 January to 6 February, we toured seven different cities with our good friends Fly on Byrd, Fly on. The support we received across these cities was overwhelming, meeting friends old and new along the way.


Across the week, the efforts of Yeah Buddy DIY (Liverpool), Goodsoul Promotions (London), Buttonpusher DIY (Nottingham), Bad Owl Presents (Leeds) and MADE (Sheffield) were exemplary displays of promotion, and we thoroughly recommend them all to anyone wishing to tour! The hospitality we received across the tour also bears mentioning - particularly mentions must go to Liverpool's Corazon Tattoo Parlour and to the Richards family. Thank you all! 


It was a week we'll never forget for multiple reasons, but perhaps most personal to us was the Sheffield show, which marked our final performance with our drummer and good buddy Sam Ainger. It was as fitting a send-off as we could have hoped for, full of friends, family and fans, and more than a couple of beers. We wish him all the very best for the future. 


Our hunt now starts for a new drummer - should anyone reading feel they may be suitable, or knows of anyone who could fit the bill, please feel free to email or message us at our Facebook page, and we'll be very happy  to provide further information! Whilst we search, we are soon to commence the writing process for our third album, so will be busy as ever!


Finally, we are thrilled to be able to say that 'The Floating World' was this week ranked by the readers of Post-Rock Essentials as #12 Best  Album of 2015! Thank you to everyone who voted - to be placed alongside the likes of Caspian and God Is An Astronaut is truly overwhelming!


Be seeing you,

GT x




We in Gilmore Trail would like to begin by wishing all of our friends, fans and family a happy new year, and the very best for 2016! Since our last update, we have been overwhelmingly still receiving further praise for 'The Floating World', and have been very busy working on a few exciting treats for you all... but before we focus on the positives, we have an unfortunate announcement: 


After five years of the original line-up, we are considerably saddened to announce the forthcoming departure of our drummer Sam. A major part of the writing process and a crucial factor of the live experience, his absence will be felt deeply. However, our spirit is only temporarily diminished! After our upcoming tour, we will begin the search for a new drummer, and are excited about the fresh musical possibilities a new member will bring.


As such, the final gig of the Poles Apart Tour (more info below) will be Sam’s last gig with us, fittingly closing both the tour and his career with the band in his hometown of Sheffield. This will be on Saturday 6th February at The Audacious Art Experiment on Harwood Street (near Bramall Lane). Please come along and give him the send-off he deserves – it’s going to be an emotional one!


The closeness of our band has long been a key factor in our continued privilege to be able to create music, and we are happy to say that this friendship remains very much intact. We wish Sam all the very best for the future, and look forward to playing to him from the other side of the stage. First round’s on you pal!


So... to the positives! Firstly, as mentioned above, we're thrilled to announce our first ever co-headlne tour, with our brothers in Sheffield post-rock and good friends Fly on Byrd, Fly on


Facebook event pages for some of the specific gigs have been set up, and can be found here - please join the party if you're local!  London (Goodsouls Promotions), Leeds (Bad Owl Presents), Nottingham (Buttonpusher), Leicester (Cloudscape Midlands), Sheffield (MADE: Art-rock audio/visual events). Hope to see you there!


As mentioned, the praise for 'The Floating World' overwhelmingly continues to roll in! Many thanks to BBC Introducing Sheffield for placing our track 'Memories of Redfern' as #18 best track of the year, and to Musical Free Dumb for including 'Waveless Shore' in their own top 20 choice tracks! The fact that we've left a memorable impression on anyone at all means the world to us, and we will continue to strive to do so in the future! 


Hope to see you all on tour, and all the best for the new year! 


Be seeing you,

GT x




It has been an emotional four months since the release of "The Floating World", which has seen an amazing amount of extremely positive reviews, several festival appearances including MADE and headline spots at Tramlines and Libfest, and a Manchester performance in support of the wonderful Knifeworld


As well as this, we are thrilled to be featured on two different samplers! The first, entitled "Quiet Calm Vol. 3" was compiled by Post-Rock Essentials* and The Death of a Modernist. Follow this link to access almost five hours of freely downloadable post-rock, spanning 35 artists from around the globe! The second sampler was in aid of the still-pertinent Save Devonshire Street campaign, which features us alongside the masterful 65Daysofstatic.


*Post-Rock Essentials were kind enough to feature us in their "Top 25 Albums of the first half of 2015" alongside the likes of God Is An Astronaut, for which we are extremely grateful and blown away! 


New video releases include our new In The Studio video, which compiles moments of concentration, pressure, fun and frivolity from our time in 2Fly into a 27-minute documentary, and a live video from our album launch for Origins/ Oceans, expertly filmed and edited by Fourth City Films.


In the foreseeable future, we have a few more gigs left to play this year, including a headline spot at Plug's Propa Local alongside the fantastic O Captain and Fly on Byrd, Fly on, and behind the scenes we are as busy as ever working on some exciting new things... but until then, take care, and thanks for the continued support!


Be seeing you,




The new album is finally RELEASED! Over two years in the making, we are incredibly proud and excited to now share 'The Floating World' with you all! You can hear and buy it at our Bandcamp page, or on Spotify or iTunes. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Reviews have been flying in and have so far been genuinely overwhelming, and entirely positive. We couldn't have hoped for more, and the full list of them can seen be on the Press page, but a few of the most ridiculous statements are listed below: 

  • "A huge success" - Arctic Drones

  • "One of the deepest and most complex albums of 2015" - Hit The Floor

  • "A high contender for album of the year" - Nelipott

  • "up there with the finest post-rock albums ever released" - Alt Dialogue

As for the album launch... it's a night we'll never forget. The biggest and best show we've ever played, with a stunning crowd whose number approached the 300 mark - we were just blown away. Footage of the night will soon appear and we'll be able to relive the moments that took aeons to approach, but passed in what felt like a few seconds!


We cannot thank you all enough for supporting us in the build-up and of course during the event itself, and we feel that Chris Lord's appraisal  of the night for Steel City Rocks deals a mountain-sized testimonial to our irreplaceable fans. Thanks of course also go out to the mighty AWOOGA for their phenomenal supporting performance, and to everyone who helped us up to and including the night (Paul Sparshott, Lee Redfern, Mat Hume and the Corporation staff). 

For now, it's onwards and hopefully upwards! We have a host of gigs booked in from now until October and we hope to see as many of you there as possible! 

Take care of each other, and we hope you enjoy the album.

Be seeing you,

GT x



Since the release of our video for 'Memories of Redfern', we have been overwhelmed by the feedback! This made us even more eager to release a SECOND NEW TRACK - premiered by Artrocker Magazine, we hope you enjoy the new album's title track 'The Floating World', streamable here!

We also had the pleasure of recording our first live BBC Introducing Session with the ever-enthusiastic Christian Carlisle! Video footage of our performance of 'Memories of Redfern' can be seen here

Only two weeks remain until our next album, and we can't wait to release it! Don't forget, tickets, T-shirts and CD copies of the album can be pre-ordered on our Shop page. 

Be seeing you, very soon! 



March 2015 has proven very exciting for us so far! First and foremost, we are absolutely thrilled to have our first music video premiered by Prog Magazine! 'Memories of Redfern' is the first single from our impending second album 'The Floating World'. Filmed by Fourth City Films, we hope you enjoy it! 

Secondly, you can now pre-order the new album, as well as our new T-shirt and a ticket to the album launch (16th May 2015 @ Corporation, Sheffield with AWOOGA). These can all be picked up in a special bundle deal for £15 over on our Merch page!

We have also received our first review from Ninehertz, and it's a promising start! Thanks go to them for their very kind words. 

Finally, we are happy to announce our return to Sheffield's finest post/ math rock micro-festival MADE. We are honoured to be playing alongside six phenomenal bands, and hope to see you at the event on Saturday 6th June 2015!

Hopefully the good news will keep flowing as we get closer to the release date! As ever, thank you all for your support - it is more appreciated now than ever before. Be seeing you!



The top end of 2015 has flown by in the GT camp - we have first and foremost been continuing to work on the release of our new album 'The Floating World', and can now unveil the artwork.

The album will be released at a special launch show on Saturday 16th May 2015, at Corporation (Sheffield) with the mighty AWOOGA providing support! Tickets will be available soon. 

We have also released our first lead track from the album! Premiered by Clash Magazine, 'Memories of Redfern' can be heard here! The feedback we have received has been wonderful so far, and we can't wait to release more music very soon - but until then, be seeing you!



Although we find ourselves deep in the heart of a Yorkshire winter, the wheels continue to turn in the GT camp!

Since our last update we have supported an old favourite (China Drum), and have played to a newer (ex-Oceansize) musical hero. We have also launched our new website, and of course, we are very pleased to announce that we have completed work on our new album ‘The Floating World’!

Since having been mixed by Dave Sanderson at 2Fly Studios in Sheffield, the album was then mastered by TJ Lipple in Washington D.C. whilst we continued working on a few very exciting projects to support its release. The most important news, however, is that we can announce that the album is to be released around May of this year!

Keep your eyes peeled for further details and some exciting announcements very soon. Be seeing you!



Summer has been intense in the GT camp this year! Having spent twelve straight days in 2Fly Studios with the ever-impressive and extremely committed Dave Sanderson, we are proud to say we've laid the foundations for our second album, and even more excited to announce its title: The Floating World. Several screw-tightening sessions later, we now find ourselves ready to face the mastering process. Further updates about the album will of course be posted as we have them, so stay tuned!

Whilst focus has largely been on the production of The Floating World, we have also managed to squeeze in two headline gigs for this year's Tramlines Festival! We were absolutely thrilled to play The Hop and West Street Live with some of our favourite local acts - not least O Captain, Awooga and Fly on Byrd, Fly on! This year's festival will be hard to top for us, as it transpired to be a truly memorable experience shared by our friends, family, and our fans old and new!

In other, more unorthodox gig news, we were absolutely honoured to play the wedding of Julie & Adrian. Even greater was the honour after we found out that we had in fact played their first date! For us to be considered and involved in anything that important in any person's life is beyond words. 

It is safe to say that things are looking very exciting for the near future, but that's it for now! Be seeing you.



With less than a month until we record our second album, we can tell you that there will be eight tracks, currently totalling an hour's worth of material. At this crucial stage, every rehearsal is proving to be invaluable to us, so our apologies go out to our favourite local bands, whose gigs we may have had to miss in recent weeks. 

Our apologies also go out to Sheffield's 'The Rockin' Chair', whose fire alarm we activated at our recent gig with the fantastic Pet Slimmers of the Year. It's not the first time it has happened to us, and probably not the last - we will doubtless continue to use our smoke machine!

In other news, we are thrilled to announce that we have been offered two headlining slots at Sheffield's Tramlines Festival in July! This is the first time we have been given a headline slot at the festival, so we're absolutely chuffed! We hope to see you at either The Hop on Friday 25th or West Street Live on the 27th - both line-ups are looking fantastic! As the Prog Splash festival has unfortunately been cancelled, this announcement could not have come at a better time!

That is all for now, but we wanted to say thank you to our fans who recently have shown us more support than ever before - the reaction to our Tramlines news in particular was overwhelming! Thank you all for your continued support, and we hope to deliver you something worthy in our new album!



April has been a month purely focused on writing new material - it is, in fact, our first month without a gig since December 2012! Time is drawing nearer for our recording session at 2Fly Studios in July, so finishing touches are being rigorously applied, with artwork currently being designed as well.

In the near future, we will be playing at Sheffield's Red House, as well as our first outing at Harrison's Bar. We are also thrilled to announce that we will be appearing at Holmfirth Picturedrome's Prog Splash Festival alongside the legendary It Bites! Until then we'll have our heads down, and we hope to see you at an upcoming gig! 



2014 is shaping up to be a very busy year for us. After performing in Manchester for a second outing with the mighty Nordic Giants, at a charity all-day event, and of course at some familiar Sheffield haunts, we are thrilled to announce that our next step forward has been taken: we are booked to enter the 2Fly Studios in July to record our second full-length album. It's going to be a big one! 

Between now and then, we hope you can make it to The Hop on the 26th, where we will be supported by our good friends Awooga and the magnificent O Captain, at the third incarnation of MADE Festival, or at any other upcoming shows! 

To sign off for February, here is a wonderful profile of our band written by Ben Corry for Our City Radio.

Be seeing you!



As the year draws to a close, we want to thank everyone who has supported us across 2013. Because of you all - the friends, the family, and of course the bands (local and otherwise) - it has retrospectively been our most productive and overall most enjoyable year for us as a band thusfar. 2013 has brought us twenty-five gigs across eight different cities, the opportunity to release one album and two T-shirts, as well as our first tour across the UK with the brilliant Tim Holehouse - all the while receiving support and feedback far beyond what we could have hoped for. 2014 beckons more of the same, and most excitingly, our second album. So to you all - thank you so much - we'll see you next year!



Fresh from our second gig in Leeds, we have a few more away shows in store! Perhaps most excitingly, we are supporting Nordic Giants in Lincoln - our biggest support slot to date. Prior to this, we are also playing our first gig in Derby, and have several more nights lined up for Sheffield! Having recently played with some brilliant Sheffield based line-ups (including the first instalment of MADE Festival), we have not forgotten our origins, and are looking forward to our first gig in Corporation! More information can be found on our Live page. 



We now have our first T-Shirts on sale over on our Merch page! Available in a range of male and female sizes, and as part of a bundle offer with our Sailing Stones album! 



Since our last update, we have been busy spreading our reach beyond the hills of Sheffield. The most significant of our summer dates include our tour with the incomparable Tim Holehouse (via London, Southend, Leeds and Sheffield), and our second edition of Tramlines Festival at West Street Live. Thank you to everyone who attended these dates and have helped to contribute to our most memorable summer so far!

On a musical front, we have commenced writing our second album, and performances of two brand new tracks can be viewed on our video page. We hope you enjoy them!

Looking to the future, we are pleased to have our first T-shirts on the way, which will be available in time for our appearance at MADE Festival - a stage we are very much looking forward to sharing with some stunning bands. We also have several upcoming dates, so we hope to see you soon!



We have joined the digital age, and can now be found on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon! 



"Sailing Stones" has been released for almost a month, and has received some amazing feedback so far. Reviews have been posted by both Ninehertz and Sheffield Scenester - the latter have even nominated us in their categories of Best EP and Best Album for their 3rd Annual Awards! We are thrilled with this feedback, and have released another track - "Evening Lake" - for streaming over on our audio page. We hope everyone who has bought the album is enjoying it! 



The album is here and ready for order! Please feel free to order a copy on our Merch page, or pick one up at our gig tomorrow at West Street Live!



As the release date of Sailing Stones has been slightly delayed (to early January), we have posted the mastered version of "Clouds Over The Valley" for you to hear, over on the audio page. We hope you enjoy it!


We have completed our first album! The new record, entitled "Sailing Stones", will be pressed to CD this week, and will become available for order as soon as we have them. 

Sheffield locals can also pick up a copy at any of our gigs, such as the January date at West Street Live. Five new songs and an interlude, all for a fiver!

For some erroneous behind the scenes footage, feel free to watch the new "In The Studio" compilation on our Video page. We are thrilled with the result and eager for you all to hear it!

Many thanks to Dave Sanderson (of 2Fly Studios) for the  patience and expertise he displayed whilst recording us!



We have just over a month until we record our first full-length album - but before we get round to that, here's a new review of our first EP. Kind words from Sheffield Scenester!



Welcome to our new site! Whilst this is an important step for us as a band, there are some even bigger events on the horizon: the first is an upcoming gig at The Forum (Division Street, Sheffield), on November 4th. Curated by Exposed Magazine, we are extremely happy to have been offered the chance to return as one of their "In-Session" artists, this time to perform live - we hope to see you there!

The second upcoming event is the recording of our first full-length, "Sailing Stones". This will take place during November, at 2Fly Studios - we cannot wait for you to hear what will be bigger and better than anything we've done before! 

Please feel free to explore the website, where you will find our first EP (streamable in its entirety), any upcoming gigs, plenty of media to keep your eyes and ears busy, and links to the great bands we have supported or who have provided support for us. More soon!